The varnishing department

Varnishing, repairing and restoring bikes is certainly our "speciality". 
In the mid-Sixties this department was founded to fulfil a challenge: being conscious of the fact that there were too many craftsmen incapable of assuring a good quality and long life product we decided to apply our company's philosophy to this business sector as well, basing our efforts on perfection and the desire to preserve the bikes that went down in history. Not only Moto Guzzi customers have confirmed their great satisfaction and recognition, but also others including BMW, Honda and Ducati enthusiasts.

Before starting the real varnishing work the metal sheeting has to pass through various working stages: paint removing, application of a mineral salt-based anticorrosive coating and, after a possible repair of the metal, phosphate coating at 100° (to inhibit oxidation).

After these initial steps petrol tanks are varnished internally: this process (developed by us) is carried out at a temperature of 200° for 30 minutes creating a coating that assures long-lasting life.

A fundamental aspect of the varnishing process is the pressure cabin: here the various parts are ionized and loose their static charge and stay free from dust for at least half an hour. The advantage of using a pressure cabin is that it keeps temperature and humidity conditions at a constant, a very important fact to assure good paint spread. 

Our company will always be distinct as well for its strict policy towards respecting the environment: all our plants are equipped with air and water filter systems avoiding any kind of contaminating emissions.